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Welcome to Ray's Sport Fishing Charters!

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We aim to offer exceptional experiences to all our guests so they can enjoy our favourite place in the world as much as we do while filling the boat with Halibut, Salmon, and more.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our home base on the west coast of Vancouver Island, our boats and guides, and to hear from Ray himself about what makes these waters so special. 




As Ray's career in the fishing guide business is evolving and progressing forward, RSFC is expanding, adding boats & guides, and taking more time to consider how we can offer you the best fishing experience possible. Our mission is to have the best quality, comfortable, & safe boats for offshore ocean fishing along with top-notch guides running the best gear who know and understand that this is not just a fishing trip but a holiday for clients. We here at RSFC want our clients getting off boats at day’s end with nothing but smiles, already planning on rebooking for the following year. Our administrative staff will communicate and organize everything that is required prior and afterwards to make sure that everything possible is taken care of. Our entire team is committed to ensuring you have a stress-free, relaxing fishing holiday with great memories that you can share with friends and family over meals of the fish that you have caught on your trip at RSFC.

"I have been fishing the west coast from Kenai, Alaska to Victoria, BC since 1978. I have found the fishing in this area (Esperanza/Nootka) to be the best all-around fishing bar none on the west coast. The salmon highway that we regularly fish is known by every guide on the west coast. There is an abundance of feed for these fish and schools of fish from every river on the west coast pass by here on their migratory route during peak season June until September."

- Ray Chittenden, Owner & Guide

Vancouver Island
Nootka Sound & Esperenza Inlet (Area 25/125)

This old mill town turned remote fishing village has as much history as it does incredible ocean access. Known as the "birthplace of B.C." (thanks to the colonial history of Nootka Island), Tahsis is positioned at the end of the protected inlet and surrounded by mountains. The twisty gravel road that starts as soon as you leave Gold River protects the community from the faint of heart - meaning everyone here is ready for adventure. As you come over the mountains, you might just feel like the rest of the world has disappeared. Before you know it you'll be on what we call "Tahsis Time" where rush hour is before the sun comes up as the boats leave the docks and the evening is measured in cold beers and stories of the daily catch. Learn more incredible community tucked away in Tahsis here.

Nootka Sound separates the southern side of Nootka Island from Vancouver Island while Esperanza Inlet wraps around the northern side. We are located in a unique location to have essentially equal access to both, unlike other resorts and lodges located further south. If you're staying inshore it can be just a 45-minute commute to your first fishing location of the day! They also provide great places to fish that are more protected from the elements plus easy access to great offshore locations. It is not uncommon to spot whales, sea otters, white sand beaches, and of course, a ton of massive fish. Learn more here.  

"What a trip! The fishing was outstanding we caught Spring and Coho Salmon, Halibut and even went crabbing. There has never been a better fisherman or a better friend then Ray. Come hell or high water I'm going back. thanks Ray for best time I've had in years."

– Sarge (via Facebook)

"My family, my wife and 2 young adult kids, and I spend 4 of the best days of our 30 day trip to Vancouver area with Ray Chittenden going fishing. Besides catching more then enough salmon, Halibut and crab and eating the freshest fish possible, the time spent with Ray was outstanding. Greatest fishing guide ever, not just his knowledge of fishing but his company during dinner and beers on the barge. This was not just a been there, done that kind of trip. This was a been there and will repeat as many times as possible. So long Ray, and thanks for the fish!"

— Larry (via Tripadvisor)



In 2019, RSFC added a second guide and boat and hopes to continue expanding in the next few years. We pride ourselves on having incredibly experienced guides who can offer you exciting and memorable trips while still prioritizing your safety. Learn more about our guides and the rest of the team..



We currently have two boats that are both extremely comfortable, equipped with top of the line motors and gear, and have enough room to comfortably fit 4 people and a guide. What's more is you'll stay warm and dry in the covered cabins regardless of the weather. Learn more about our boats and the rest of our gear...



We charge a daily rate for a full day charter with one of our guides (max. 4 people). We can also provide accomadation either in our cabin or through other lodging options in town. Other amenities may also be provided by request - let us know what you need to make your trip as exceptional as possible!


Box 366-892 Maquinna Drive

Tahsis, B.C., V0P 1X0

So, what are you waiting for?

Book now and mark your calendars for a fishing experience of a lifetime. 

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