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Ray Chittenden,

Owner & Guide

 In 2008, Ray started his career as a professional fishing guide. It was a significant change in his lifestyle but it was a job he had always dreamed of doing. Since he was young he had that passion and energy to fish as often as possible. From his granddad’s knee to today operating ocean-going charter boats, fishing has always been what he loves to do. Whether it’s rainy or sunny, windy or flat calm, the ocean is his happy place and he still is passionate about what he gets to do every day. Watching a guest catching their first ocean fish and the smiles that brings him great pleasure.

In the off-season, he owns and runs a successful consulting business, has raised a family and has done the domestic lifestyle. He prides himself on being kind and generous. He enjoys's the challenges of being a leader and company owner.


Bryan Wilson, Guide

Having fished a multitude of species throughout his entire life, Bryan chose to make his home on Vancouver Island, the salmon capital of the world. He spends the majority of his time on the water focused on catching Salmon, but he can never turn down a chance to sit on an anchor for Halibut.

This is Bryan's first season with RSFC and so far he is doing a killer job!


Marissa Kingzett, Admin Assistant

Marissa met Ray a few years ago, working as a dockhand at the marina in Tahsis. They became close friends and as RSFC kept expanding, it became rapidly clear that her administrative & logistics background could come in handy. She will likely be the one responding to your emails, sending you trip details, updating the website, and maybe even conducting RSFC meetings a couple miles offshore.  


While she lives in Vancouver she will always be a small-town ocean girl at heart, ready to get fish guts all over her clothes and to take on the gnarliest of waves. Local to Vancouver Island, she grew up not far from Tahsis and knows that the ocean of the Pacific North-West ocean will always be her first love.