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Aug. 11-13: Nicole Spenc

The 11, 12, and 13th saw a charter with Nicole Spenc and good friend Thomas Cornelison who traveled from Venice, Louisiana to fish & film with RSFC. Nicole is an outdoor youtuber and instagrammer, but this was her first time visiting Canada! The Pacific Northwest did not let her down. The trip had a little of everything: wind, waves, flat water, rain, & sunshine. RSFC was able to hook her up with some very nice catches of spring salmon, halibut, ling cod and a variety of rock fish. Not to mention up close sightings of Humpbacks , Killers whales (mothers and babies!), sea otters, seals, sea lions and one of the biggest Mola's (Ocean Sunfish) we have ever seen. Marissa, the admin for RSFC, joined the group for the weekend helping deckhand and assisting Ray so this event went as planned and it couldn't of been better! Take the time to follow @Nicole_spenc on instagram and her youtube videos.

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