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July 31 - Kingfisher

Arrowtooth Sole with a Blue Shark bite
Check out those bite marks!

As we came out around the backside of Cattella Island it was clear it would be the type of day all guides like. Calm water with a one metre swell 20 seconds apart. We did 25 - 30 mph offshore to one of our halibut spots. It took longer to set and retrieve the anchor than it did for Chuck, his son Craig, and life long friend Dave to catch their first halibut. Not a bad way to start the first day of their 3 day charter. This the third year this group has fished with RSFC.

A little later we hooked a little arrowtooth sole but on the way to surface a blue shark took a good sized bite out of him. It is really never a dull moment in these waters. We finished the day off with 6 Spring Salmon, 3 Canary Rockfish and a nice Lingcod. Looking forward to the rest of the trip with these guys!

The guys and their catch!

A nice Spring ft. very calm offshore waters

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